for the first time since 2010 or so, the difference engine is back on itunes. feel free to stream/purchase our music within the wonderful locked confines of the apple ecosystem!   (note: not quite sure who the guys who created “strange angles” are, but they are not us.)   Link

The Stars Are Right, pt. 2

Providence from Point Street Bridge

we arrived in providence early last evening for an evening of unjustified (as of yet) celebrations. we stopped at a restaurant near our hotel (and todd’s place) called whiskey republic. overlooking the canal with a pink floyd “animals”-esque factory across the way, it’s an oddly picturesque view of the city from that particular vantage. after […]

the stars are right, pt. 1

The Difference Engine Necronomicon Flyer

in honor of our performance at necronomicon providence tomorrow evening, i’m going to do a bit of musing on how i’ve spent the last two years of my life, and what’s going to transpire over the next few days.   in january of 2011, i was finishing up an ep i had been working on […]

necronomicon providence


as we round the corner into shipping out physical copies of strange aeons and its digital release (the plan is for the two to occur concurrently) we’re happy to announce that we will be performing a single performance of the album in its entirety. quite fittingly, it will be at necronomicon, the east coast’s premier […]


the strange aeons campaign has finally ended, and it has ended successfully thanks to all of your generosity. thank you so much! the cds are currently out for reproduction, and supplies to create the rewards have been ordered. the estimates for the bulk of the rewards was given as mid to late august, but we […]

the next album


as you’ve likely seen if you’re here on this page, the difference engine has been engaging in an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the next album, strange aeons. the campaign was a success, and this record is going to be incredible.   the campaign was largely to cover the cost of the supplies we […]