in this post-strange aeons world, there isn’t much to report at the moment, but we can always give you a friendly reminder to head over to bandcamp to check out TDE music you may not have heard yet.

The Difference Engine, Strange Aeons lineup

the stars are right, pt. 3

i’m not quite sure what to add to this story (the photos and video can tell the story) other than the utmost of gratitude to niels hobbs and the entire necronomicon team, the big nazo band, the darkest of the hillside thickets, the sultans of sax, and frenchy and the punk for helping create the perfect […]

Providence from Point Street Bridge

The Stars Are Right, pt. 2

we arrived in providence early last evening for an evening of unjustified (as of yet) celebrations. we stopped at a restaurant near our hotel (and todd’s place) called whiskey republic. overlooking the canal with a pink floyd “animals”-esque factory across the way, it’s an oddly picturesque view of the city from that particular vantage. after […]