The Difference Engine, Strange Aeons lineup

the stars are right, pt. 3

i’m not quite sure what to add to this story (the photos and video can tell the story) other than the utmost of gratitude to niels hobbs and the entire necronomicon team, the big nazo band, the darkest of the hillside thickets, the sultans of sax, and frenchy and the punk for helping create the perfect evening for us to perform “strange aeons”. and i’d like to give a very very big thanks to todd, jake, laff, and fusco for being the best possible band for this album and show imaginable. for an evening, we were providence. thank you to all.


Phillips Family Plot Lovecraft's Grave

H.P. Lovecraft Memorial Square H.P. Lovecraft Square Necronomicon Pass Schedule Necronomicon, Biltmore Hotel Necronomicon, Biltmore Hotel Providence from the Biltmore Providence from the Biltmore Necronomicon, Biltmore Hotel Ballroom Biltmore Hotel, Providence

Big Nazo Throop Alley Todd Contemplates Jake Ostrich bird full body puppet costume guy

Big NazoBig Nazo Big Nazo




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