Providence from Point Street Bridge

The Stars Are Right, pt. 2

we arrived in providence early last evening for an evening of unjustified (as of yet) celebrations.

we stopped at a restaurant near our hotel (and todd’s place) called whiskey republic. overlooking the canal with a pink floyd “animals”-esque factory across the way, it’s an oddly picturesque view of the city from that particular vantage. after we settled in in our seats outside, i sneaked across the way onto the point street bridge to grab a few shots of providence, and specifically, the allegedly haunted biltmore hotel where much of the necronomicon action will be happening.

Biltmore Hotel Providence Providence from Point Street Bridge


as i was grabbing the shots, a young guy came up to me. he looked kind of messed up, so when he asked me how high i thought the bridge was, i wasn’t sure if it was the precursor to a mugging. i told him i didn’t know, and he gave me a big smile and said thanks, and wandered beyond me to the base of the bridge, wherein he wandered down closer to the water. my presumption at the time was that he may have been not all there, so i felt badly for my earlier thinking.

a bit later, todd pointed out how cool the factory across the way looked at night, so he and i returned to the bridge to get a couple more shots.

Factory from Point Street Bridge Whiskey Republic from Point Street Bridge


as our cameras and phones clicked away, a young woman came rushing over to us.

“do either of you guys have a phone?” she asked hurriedly.

as someone who has lived in a city for closing in on ten years, this is generally a request that one denies. it can lead to all kinds of badness. we both were hesitant.

“there’s a guy on the other side of the guardrail of the bridge over there, and i think he’s gonna jump. he’s cut his wrists.”

we looked over, and the guy i’d spoken to earlier was indeed on the other side of the guardrail, standing directly above an old and spiky wooden structure underneath the bridge. i grabbed my phone and called 911, and after what seemed an unreasonable amount of time (sorry to the 911 operator, in case she reads this, for swearing about her putting me on hold while unbeknownst to me she was on the line the entire time) i got through to the providence police. to counter their slow phone times, they had arrived on scene within two minutes of my call, and by the time i heard the first siren i noticed a silent police car had already approached from the other side, and two officers were already speaking to the guy. within two minutes, they had coaxed him back onto the right side of the guardrail, and had seated him on the sidewalk with multiple officers sitting by his side and just talking. it was actually a kind of impressive display on the part of PPD. there was no rough housing or any other sort of thing the police frequently get accused of these days, just a compassionate and caring response. our earlier complaints of the acoustic guy at the restaurant playing multiple dave matthews band songs made irrelevant in scope, we returned to join our party slightly shaken.

not much else in the way of exciting activity (especially in comparison) occurred, so i’ll let the photos tell the story. otherwise, onward to tonight! beyond excited. as i type this just this second, i heard a guy in the hotel room next door mutter “oh, waterfire” which makes me even more excited. this is gonna be great.



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