necronomicon providence

as we round the corner into shipping out physical copies of strange aeons and its digital release (the plan is for the two to occur concurrently) we’re happy to announce that we will be performing a single performance of the album in its entirety. quite fittingly, it will be at necronomicon, the east coast’s premier h.p. lovecraft convention held in the author’s home of providence, rhode island.

the performance will be on saturday, august 24, and the show begins at 7:00PM (TDE likely to be onstage ~8). we will be performing alongside lovecraft-themed rockers the darkest of the hillside thickets and theatrical providence natives the big nazo intergalactic creature band. we will perform strange aeons start to finish, and have been rehearsing other material as well.

the “we” in this case is a different lineup than before. it’s actually the biggest TDE lineup yet:

christopher g. brown (me)

todd bowes (the main man of downcity armory; i also tracked and mixed his recent soundtrack to the video game dungeons and discourse)

rob laff (my cohort in vary lumar)

jake o’donnell (formerly of the last TDE live incarnation and silent approach, currently of powerslut)

rob fusco (another VL cohort, also plays drums for all echoes return)

we’re collectively beyond excited for this show and the opportunity to lurk around providence like h.p. himself. for show passes, visit the necronomicon website. we’ll have a small number of physical copies of the album as well as stickers and pins. hope to see you there!


“that is not dead which can eternal lie

and with strange aeons, even gods may die.”

-h.p. lovecraft

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