the next album

as you’ve likely seen if you’re here on this page, the difference engine has been engaging in an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the next album, strange aeons. the campaign was a success, and this record is going to be incredible.


the campaign was largely to cover the cost of the supplies we needed to get in bulk to handmake these things (as well as to cover the cost of some of the rewards), and we managed to do so completely. this means not only will we be able to create an album for everyone who ordered one without  spending a lot of money out of our own pocket (which we were willing to do), but we’ll be able to produce extra copies for things like radio promotion, reviews, and still have some left over in case anyone who didn’t contribute wants to grab one. although supplies will be limited; ordering one now via indiegogo is the only way to guarantee you’ll get one.  that said, there will be a digital release with a full PDF of the liner notes and such as well, so you won’t be missing out on the experience 100%.


a concept record that takes place within the world of lovecraft, aeons is (hopefully) an immersive experience with a plot that unfolds musically as well as within the included liner notes, a journal with corresponding thoughts and lyrical phrases. it was in production from january 2011-may 2011 and february 2013-june 2013 (with a break in between to regather focus as i’d grown too close to the project and do endless forms) and went through a number of stylistic shifts. originally it was a more “organic” record, with a heavier emphasis on piano, guitar, upright bass, and what have you. the break in working found the original versions to be thin and lacking. much of the work was retracked entirely with new and completely different instruments that may not be era appropriate, but are certainly much more mood appropriate.


strange aeons will contain the following ten tracks:

this violent landscape

the world in which we live



the patient


discordant arrhythmia

the floods of vermont

the orchestra warms up



a release date is not on the cards just yet but it will likely be within the next month. after physical copies are shipped out to contributors, the digital version will go live. expect the first song to pop up online within the next few days. thank you all again so much.



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