hello!   the difference engine will be performing a rare live show on november 9, 2015.   the lineup will be jake o’donnell, todd bowes, and christopher g. brown.   TDE will be performing with big time kill, antidote for annie, and jess jacobs (band without hands) at o’brien’s in allston, ma. doors are at […]

future echoes

a new ep by the difference engine will be released tomorrow, june 17, 2014. it is entitled “future echoes” and contains the following songs:   choke future echoes the last terrible surprise (featuring mark hallam of ex machinae and downcity armory) inertia ég kem aftur (featuring HEK) olsen june gloom   the ep is the result […]


for the first time since 2010 or so, the difference engine is back on itunes. feel free to stream/purchase our music within the wonderful locked confines of the apple ecosystem!   (note: not quite sure who the guys who created “strange angles” are, but they are not us.)   Link